castle hotel germany

Castle Hotel Germany – The best Romantic Weekend Getaway in Germany

Ever had a dream of feeling like a prince or princess for a weekend? Then, look no longer. Wasserburg Anholt Castle Hotel Germany it is! Surrounded by history, great architecture, a beautiful park and...
Schleissheim Palace

Schleissheim Palace – visit one of the best Bavarian castles

What comes to mind when thinking about German castles? Maybe the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein in the German Alps, or the beautiful Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam? They are both stunning castles, but there are...
Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

Total Guide to plan & book a great Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

It's slow travel at its best, taking you from one continent to another, through big cities, over the Siberian steppes and along the largest lake in the world. Without doubt, a Trans-Siberian Railway trip...
where to go next year

Our Highlights of 2020 – Great ideas for you where to go next year

2020 - this year comes to an end. It is a year we will not forget for a long time. Of course, we also had to deal with the Covid-19-pandemic and, it hasn't always...
weekend trips from Berlin to Saxony Switzerland

Weekend trips from Berlin – 4 of the best places to see in Saxony

Saxony is the perfect place for weekend trips from Berlin. With fairytale castles, historic towns and breathtaking landscapes, the only risk is that you might want to stay longer. Few places has so much...
Schwerin castle

Schwerin Castle – one of Germany’s most beautiful castles

We first saw Schwerin Castle on Instagram. Schwerin Castle was amazing. For people who have followed us for a while it's not a secret that we love to visit castles, palaces, fortresses and even...
Taj Mahal

India: Visit the best of north and south

India has it all. Some of the highest mountains in the world, desert, jungle, beautiful beaches, religious places, wildlife, historic cities and world-class sights. We spent four weeks in magical India. Four weeks of...