Weekend trip from Berlin – 5 great things to do in Cottbus

Looking to go off the beaten path in Germany? With a historic old town, medieval city walls, towers and gates, and an English-style park with a beautiful palace, Cottbus is definitely a great place for a weekend trip from Berlin. The second largest city in the German Federal State of Brandenburg is charming, lively and easy to visit. With...

8 of the best things to do in Weimar

Old and modern, grand and classical are just some of the words than can describe Weimar. Located in the heart of Germany, in the state of Thuringia (Thüringen) this German diamond has surprisingly much to offer, both historically and culturally. Weimar, with its close connections to Goethe, Schiller, Bauhaus and the Weimar Republic, is definitely one of the highlights...

Córdoba – best sights in the city of three cultures

"Córdoba. You have to go to Córdoba", said a collegue who lived in Spain for some years. "Ok, maybe..." was the answer she got. She couldn't get any other answer as Córdoba was a city we knew nothing about and almost hadn't heard about. A quick internet-search confirmed what she said; we had to go there! Certainly the city...

Jaipur – best things to do in 48 hours

Inside high walls there is a labyrinth of streets full of life. Wander around taking in the local life and food scene. Visit a magificent palace with some of the most handsome doors ever seen. It's colorful, hectic and a mix of old and new. With a majestic past and eyes towards the future, the gateway to Rajasthan is...

Granada – a guide to the best attractions

Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with an interesting history, a beautiful old town, and a thriving local food scene, It has diverse neighbourhoods, cutting-edge street art, third-wave coffee, islamic arctitecure, arab tea houses and a local life full of energy. It is home to the magnificent Alhambra with its palaces and gardens. Also, it is...

5 great day trips from Berlin by public transport

Looking for some day trips from Berlin to leave the big city? Then you are right here! Completely surrounded by the federal state of Brandenburg, Berlin is its own city state and the largest city in Germany both by area and population. Of course when you are visiting the city the first time there is so much to see...

Pushkar – Hindu festival and a famous camel fair

After starting to plan a journey through Rajasthan, an old and almost forgotten dream started to push forward. With good planning it would be possible to visit the famous Pushkar Camel Fair. A 15-20 year old dream for one of us could be realized! How is it then, when old dreams are about to be fulfilled? Is it always...

Best things to do in Udaipur – Rajasthan’s white city

Known as "the city of lakes" it is different then anything else in Rajasthan, and maybe in the whole of India. Majestic and romantic, full of history, beautiful temples and grand palaces. Small narrow lanes and streets, lakeside views and surrounded by green hills. No wonder it has been appointed the most romatic spot in India. Welcome to Udaipur...

Jodphur – Best things to do in Rajasthan’s blue city

Famous for its food and a magnificent fort towering over the blue city. With an old town, labryinth streets, a huge market, colorful women, local traditions and a long history, Rajasthan's second largest city has it all. Welcome to Jodphur! With a location at the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodphur has an interesting history going centuries back. The city...

Weekend in Poland – 6 great things to do in Poznan

view of Poznan
Colorful buildings and a magnificent square. Monumental architecture and historic churches. Mix this with triving city life, trendy cafes and good restaurants. Big enough for several days, and small enough for a short weekend. Poland's fifth-largest city has it all. A modern city with proud traditions that embraces the future. Read on for some great things to do in...