Moscow City Break – 11 Great Tips & Attractions in Moscow

A giant city and the capital of the Russian Federation. A mix of East and West. Of traditions and futurism. For us, there has always been something mystical about Russia. Join us, as we...
Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

Total Guide to plan & book a great Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

It's slow travel at its best, taking you from one continent to another, through big cities, over the Siberian steppes and along the largest lake in the world. Without doubt, a Trans-Siberian Railway trip...
Saint Petersburg

Best places to visit for 3 days in Saint Petersburg

When thinking of traveling to Russia, Saint Petersburg topped our wish list, and rightfully so. Never before have we seen such grandness as we did here, in Russia's Grand Lady. Jaw-dropping, incredible palaces, one...
Golden Ring Russia

Taste of Russia – a great visit to the Golden Ring

To choose what to see when visiting the largest country in the world can be a challenge even for the most experienced traveller. Should one choose nature or cities? Countryside or historic towns? Luckily...

Best places to see for your first time in Russia

The Giant in the East. With 11 time zones, it stretches from Europe in west all the way to Far East Asia. The largests country in the world has it all. From jaw-dropping landscapes...