castle hotel germany

Castle Hotel Germany – The best Romantic Weekend Getaway in Germany

Ever had a dream of feeling like a prince or princess for a weekend? Then, look no longer. Wasserburg Anholt Castle Hotel Germany it is! Surrounded by history, great architecture, a beautiful park and...
Biking in Germany

Biking in Germany – 7 great hidden secrets in Saxony-Anhalt

The interest in cycling holidays in Germany is growing, and no wonder why. Biking in Germany is easy, and almost anywhere you go, you are never far from spectacular nature, beautiful historical towns and...
Castles in Berlin

13 Beautiful Castles in Berlin – Famous and Hidden Gems in Berlin

Germany is very famous for its palaces and castles in Europe. The exact number of castles and palaces in Germany is unknown but it might be around 20.000 castles, palaces or royal buildings there....
Schleissheim Palace

Schleissheim Palace – visit one of the best Bavarian castles

What comes to mind when thinking about German castles? Maybe the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein in the German Alps, or the beautiful Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam? They are both stunning castles, but there are...
beer gardens in Berlin

Beer gardens in Berlin – 12 great Berlin insider tips

Germany and beer gardens go hand in hand, and everyone who visits should visit should try a beer garden at least once. What is better after a long day of work or after...
coffee in Berlin

Best coffee in Berlin – 11 great Berlin coffee shops

Please note that due to the on-going pandemic all of these places might have reduced opening hours or maybe even be temporarily closed. National and local safety regulations will always apply if the coffee...

3 Beautiful, Easy and Independent Bike Routes From Berlin

Berlin is a great city with lots of sights and, after living here for some years, we have explored more and more areas also by bike. Not only do we love to explore Berlin...
where to go next year

Our Highlights of 2020 – Great ideas for you where to go next year

2020 - this year comes to an end. It is a year we will not forget for a long time. Of course, we also had to deal with the Covid-19-pandemic and, it hasn't always...
Sunset in Sellin, Ruegen

Rügen Island – 9 great tips for culture, nature and beaches in Germany

With long sandy beaches, historic resort towns, dramatic cliffs in a national park and a cute castle, Rügen Island truly has everything you need for a great seaside holiday. Combine all this with fresh...
weekend trips from Berlin to Saxony Switzerland

Weekend trips from Berlin – 4 of the best places to see in Saxony

Saxony is the perfect place for weekend trips from Berlin. With fairytale castles, historic towns and breathtaking landscapes, the only risk is that you might want to stay longer. Few places has so much...