Córdoba – best sights in the city of three cultures

"Córdoba. You have to go to Córdoba", said a collegue who lived in Spain for some years. "Ok, maybe..." was the answer she got. She couldn't get any other answer as Córdoba was a...

Granada – a guide to the best attractions

Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with an interesting history, a beautiful old town, and a thriving local food scene, It has diverse neighbourhoods, cutting-edge street art, third-wave coffee, islamic arctitecure,...

Huelva province – off the beaten track in Andalucia

Probably, when thinking of Andalucia, most people have places such as Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba and Malaga in mind. Join us as we show you another side of the region. We present you the Huelva...
Plaza Espana in Sevilla

Sevilla – a Spanish love story

A legend has is that Hercules himself founded Sevilla. The city is old. Very old. Ruled by the Romans, by the Moors and by the Castilian kings over centuries. It's been one of the...

Málaga – Great things to do in 24 hours

We've all heard about it. Also we. And to be honest, Málaga was not on our list of places to visit. When hearing the name we only thought of mass tourism, overcrowded beaches, parties,...