Castles in Berlin

13 Beautiful Castles in Berlin – Famous and Hidden Gems in Berlin

Germany is very famous for its palaces and castles in Europe. The exact number of castles and palaces in Germany is unknown but it might be around 20.000 castles, palaces or royal buildings there....

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Malaga is one of the most known cities along the Spanish coast. But what is it with this city that attracts thousands of visitors every year? Is it only for the beaches and cheap...

Ultimate City Break in Spain – Best of Granada in 2 days

Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with an interesting history, a beautiful old town, and a thriving local food scene, Granada has something for everyone. Add on diverse neighbourhoods, cutting-edge street...

Huelva Spain – the unique rural and secret Spain

Andalucia is one of the most interesting places to visit in Spain. More known places such as Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Malaga often top the traveller's list. But there is more to Andalucia than...
Plaza Espana in Sevilla

Seville City Break – 9 great things to do in Seville

A legend has it that Hercules himself founded Seville. The city is old. Very old. Ruled by the Romans, by the Moors and by the Castilian kings over centuries. It's been one of the...

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Cordoba is one of the unique Spain tourist attractions that you have to see in your life. A city so full of history, architecture and monuments built to last should be on your itinerary...
Schleissheim Palace

Schleissheim Palace – visit one of the best Bavarian castles

What comes to mind when thinking about German castles? Maybe the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein in the German Alps, or the beautiful Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam? They are both stunning castles, but there are...
beer gardens in Berlin

Beer gardens in Berlin – 11 great Berlin insider tips

Germany and beer gardens go hand in hand, and everyone who visits should visit should try a beer garden at least once. What is better after a long day of work or after...
coffee in Berlin

Best coffee in Berlin – 11 great Berlin coffee shops

Please note that due to the on-going pandemic all of these places might have reduced opening hours or maybe even be temporarily closed. National and local safety regulations will always apply if the coffee...

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A giant city and the capital of the Russian Federation. A mix of East and West. Of traditions and futurism. For us, there has always been something mystical about Russia. Join us, as we...