one of the most beautiful towns in Germany

Görlitz – one of the most beautiful towns in Germany

You might never have heard about this town but it is getting more and more popular. Görlitz is the easternmost town in Germany, has the border directly to Poland and was used in several...
Visiting Potsdam

Visiting Potsdam is like a great journey through Europe

Ever considered taking a journey through Europe but haven't found the time yet? Well, it can be easily done while visiting Potsdam in Germany. This little town has so much to offer, from grand...
What to do in Hamburg

What to do in Hamburg – 17 Great Tips for Visiting Hamburg

With great a mix of classic and modern, monumental architecture, world-class art, numerous canals, fresh seafood and a nordic vibe, cosmopolitan Hamburg is definitely worth a visit. Germany's second-largest city is different from most...
what to do in Oslo

What to do in Oslo – 18 Unique Things to do in Oslo

What to do in Oslo? If you think about visiting Scandinavia, you definitely should not miss the capital city of Norway! Unfortunately, Oslo is one of the lesser-visited cities in Europe, but in this...
things to do in bergen

Things to do in Bergen – 14 great tips for visiting Bergen

With the stunning location between the mountains and the fjord, Bergen is truly a sight for the eye. Norway's old capital city offers great architecture, world-class art, cute wooden houses, amazing fresh seafood and...
castle hotel germany

Castle Hotel Germany – The best Romantic Weekend Getaway in Germany

Ever had a dream of feeling like a prince or princess for a weekend? Then, look no longer. Wasserburg Anholt Castle Hotel Germany it is! Surrounded by history, great architecture, a beautiful park and...
Biking in Germany

Biking in Germany – 7 great hidden secrets in Saxony-Anhalt

The interest in cycling holidays in Germany is growing, and no wonder why. Biking in Germany is easy, and almost anywhere you go, you are never far from spectacular nature, beautiful historical towns and...
Summer in Europe at Lake Ohrid

Summer In Europe – 8 travel bloggers share their best secrets

Is there anything better than spending the summer in Europe? Some people want beaches and historical towns, while others prefer hiking or biking in spectacular nature. Many are looking for the best food and...
Castles in Berlin

13 Beautiful Castles in Berlin – Famous and Hidden Gems in Berlin

Germany is very famous for its palaces and castles in Europe. The exact number of castles and palaces in Germany is unknown but it might be around 20.000 castles, palaces or royal buildings there....

6 great Malaga tips – top things to do in Malaga for 24h

Malaga is one of the most known cities along the Spanish coast. But what is it with this city that attracts thousands of visitors every year? Is it only for the beaches and cheap...