Görlitz – one of the most beautiful towns in Germany

Last Updated on 1. March 2023

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You might never have heard about this town but it is getting more and more popular. Görlitz is the easternmost town in Germany, has the border directly to Poland and was used in several Hollywood movies. That is why Görlitz is also known as Görliwood. The city is so rich in architectural heritage sites and buildings from different eras, which are now used in movies as filming locations. Due to all these amazing sights, it makes it to one of the most beautiful towns in Germany.

While many other cities in Germany are often very crowded and popular, Görlitz is perfect for a German weekend city trip. You can enjoy nice strolls along the River Oder or visit historic buildings. A visit to Poland is easy by crossing the river on a footbridge. Read this blog post to get inspired to visit Görlitz – one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. We show you the highlights and how to get to Görlitz, Germany.

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Görlitz train station

The best way to get to Görlitz, Germany is by train because you will arrive in such a beautiful hall at the train station. The train station has important routes to Wroclaw, Poland, to Dresden and to Berlin via Cottbus. The entrance hall was opened in Art Nouveau style in 1917.

In 1984, the ceiling of the station hall was completely restored. The building has since become a historical monument and makes Görlitz one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. Even you don’t arrive at Görlitz by train, a visit here is highly recommended as this is one of the most beautiful train stations in Germany.

Tips and Information:
  • Address: Bahnhof Görlitz, Bahnhofstr. 76, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: 5am – 12pm
  • You can not use the underpass of the train station after midnight

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Walk in the old town of Görlitz

Definitely, a highlight during your visit is a walk through the most beautiful town in Germany. Görlitz has over 4000 heritage buildings, idyllic cobbled streets and squares. Most of the sights are located in the old town around Obermarkt and Untermarkt.

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One example of this rich architectural heritage is the Schönhof which is one of the oldest civic Renaissance buildings in Germany. Today, it houses the Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz and exhibits the culture and history of Silesia.

Neißestraße is one of Görlitz prettiest streets, but also the town hall is worth having a look at. During your walk around Görlitz, you will find buildings from all eras (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical and Art Nouveau). It feels like the complete old town is a museum and you’re part of a historic movie. Walking around Görlitz will show why it is one of the most beautiful towns in Germany.

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Görlitz hardly got bombed during WWII, so there are still a lot of historic buildings which you can visit and see during a walk through the town. That’s what makes Görlitz so beautiful and unique.

Flüsterbogen/Whisper arc

If you make your way across the Untermarkt when visiting the city of Görlitz and you notice a little unusual behaviour at the entrance of building 22, don’t worry – these people are only pursuing an acoustic phenomenon from the late Gothic.

It is called Flüsterbogen (Whisper Arc). The sound waves are conducted from one side to the other via a recess in the arch. So what is whispered into it on one side can be heard on the other. You have to be two to test it.

Tips and Information:
  • Address: Flüsterbogen, Untermarkt 22, 02826 Görlitz
  • Free of charge to use it

The towers of one of the most beautiful towns in Germany

Görlitz has several towers which you can visit. From the towers, you will get a great view of one of the most beautiful towns in Germany and its surroundings. Usually, these towers were part of a city wall to protect and defend the town in wars. Today, they exhibit historical interiors and you get information about the sights themselves. Once a year, Görlitz has a Türmertag (tower day), where you are able to visit all towers in one day with one ticket.

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Reichenbacher Turm – a tower in one of the most beautiful towns in Germany
Reichenbacher Turm
  • Address: Reichenbacher Turm, Platz des 17. Juni 4, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: April – Oktober, Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm (6 pm on weekends)
  • Ticket prices: 3€, reduced 2€, children 1,50€
  • You can buy tickets at the Kulturhistorisches Museum, just opposite the tower
  • Address: Rathausturm, Untermarkt 6-8, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: March – December, Wednesday – Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm
  • Ticket prices: 4€, children 1,50€
  • It is a guided tour and takes around 45min
Dicker Turm
  • Address: Dicker Turm, Marienplatz, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: March – December, Thursday – Sunday, 12 am – 5 pm
  • Ticket prices: 3,50€, children 1,50€
  • It is a guided tour and takes around 45min
  • Address: Nikolaiturm, Nikolaistraße, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: April – December, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm
  • Ticket prices: 4€, children 2€
  • It is a guided tour and takes around 45min, You can buy tickets at the Kulturhistorisches Museum

Barockhaus and the library

The Baroque house was an important trading and residential building from the Baroque era in Görlitz, which has been used as part of the city’s cultural history museum since 1951. It is located in the middle of the old town on Neißstraße 30. This magnificent Baroque residence was set up by Johann Christian Ameiß and got later the seat of a prestigious scientific society.

Today, the Barockhaus shows family rooms with period furnishings, porcelain, silver and diverse objects from the society members (eg. physicals, archaeological or musical objects).

But the highlight is definitely the Upper Lusatia Library of Science. It is the largest regional scientific library for Upper Lusatia and adjacent parts of Lower Silesia. The library has over 140,000 books on the history, culture, art, economy, politics and nature of the region, in a beautiful historic setting and is housed in a beautiful baroque building and museum in the old town of Görlitz.

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one of the most beautiful towns in Germany
A beautiful library in one of the most beautiful towns in Germany
Tips and Information:
  • Address: Barockhaus, Neißstraße 30, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times:
  • – November – March, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm
  • – April – October, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm (weekends 6pm)
  • Ticket prices: 6€, reduced 4€, children (up to 18 years) free of charge

Kaisertrutz – City Museum

The Kaisertrutz is one of the former 32 bastions, four of which are still preserved today, which the city of Görlitz owned to defend the town. Until WWI, this building was in military use. Today, the museum presents 14.000 years of the cultural history of the city and region.

You can visit archaeological exhibitions, from the stone age till the middle ages. There is also a modern gallery that presents around 200 works from the 19th and 20th centuries, mostly from the city’s museum holdings: paintings, graphics as well as sculptures, ceramics and glass. Most of the works were created by artists who were residents of Görlitz or who were connected to the city.

Kulturhistorisches Museum in Görlitz, Germany
Tips and Information:
  • Address: Kaisertrutz, Platz des 17. Juni 1, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: Mondays closed, Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm
  • Ticket prices: 6€, reduced 4€, children (up to 18 years) free of charge
  • You can buy a combination ticket for the Reichenbacher Turm, Barockhaus (including the library) and Kaisertrutz! It costs 9€ and is valid for 2 days!

Visit Poland on a day trip

Görlitz and Polish Zgorzelec were one city until 1945. The town was split when the Allies drew a new border along the Neiße river. Today, both towns want to attract tourists and call themselves a Euro-City, but all major highlights are still located on the German side. It is still super quick and easy to visit two countries in one day by crossing the footbridge from the old town of Görlitz.

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There is not too much to do in Zgorzelec, but worth walking along the river and having lunch/dinner in one of the traditional Polish restaurants. The drinks and food are much cheaper and you actually get a view of Görlitz’s skyline when you eat in one of the restaurants along the river.

TIP: We recommend Restauracja Przy Jakubie, a traditional and cosy Polish restaurant for good value. Even the cast of Grand Budapest Hotel ate there. You can see the poster and signatures on the wall next to the bar. Don’t miss their Hazelnut vodka!

View to Poland from Görlitz, Germany

St Peter and Paul Church

This Gothic church is striking over the skyline of Görlitz. The church was built between 1425–1497. When the old town bridge was blown up by the Germans on May 7, 1945, the pressure destroyed all but one of the glass paintings. The tracery and the roof got in some cases heavily damaged.

In the years 1948–61 the window tracery and the lower church were restored. A further restoration of the exterior was carried out from 1978–1981 and the interior from 1981–1992, whereby the version from 1500 and the interior was restored.

This church is famous for its Sonnenorgel (sun organ) and got its name from the 17 circular sun shields integrated into the organ case.

Görlitz – one of the most beautiful towns in Germany
Tips and Information:
  • Address: Peterskirche, Bei der Peterskirche 9, 02826 Görlitz
  • Opening times: Every day 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday mass 10 am
  • Ticket prices: The visit is free of charge, you need to pay a photo fee to take photos inside the church

Walk along the River Neiße

To get a break from walking in one of the most beautiful towns in Germany, we recommend a walk along the Neiße river. You will pass nice buildings and parks, get the view over to Poland and see a viaduct, which is one of the oldest and largest railway bridges in Germany. It is a popular route for hikers and bikers. Nearby the viaduct, you have the possibility to rent boats and canoes to spend time on the water.

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A walk along river Neiße in one of the most beautiful towns in Germany


Due to the rich heritage sites and the very well-preserved old town, Görlitz is a perfect film location and popular for Hollywood film producers. Movies like Grand Budapest Hotel, The Reader and Inglourious Bastards were filmed there. You can visit filming locations or display windows of the Walk of Görliwood. There is even a tour with a bus, which will pass stations of several filming locations. Check their webpage for tours and offers.

Display along the Walk of Görliwood

Plan your trip – How to get to Görlitz and around

Depending on where you travel from, there are many ways to arrive, but the best way to travel to Görlitz is by train, although car or bus are other well-functional options.

Görlitz has good connections to Dresden and Berlin via Cottbus. With one or two connections you can also reach Görlitz from Hamburg or Munich. Read more and book your ticket at bahn.de

Arrival in Görlitz – one of the most beautiful towns in Germany

You can also use buses to get to Görlitz. Check e.g. Flixbus or BlaBlaBus for routes, and departure times and to book your ticket.

The closests airports are in Dresden, Leipzig/Halle or Berlin-Brandenburg Airport.

The absolutely best way to explore Görlitz is by foot. The town is mostly flat and very walkable. If you like biking, it is a great activity when visiting Görlitz.

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