Schwerin Castle – one of Germany’s most beautiful castles

Last Updated on 23. November 2021

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We first saw Schwerin Castle on Instagram. Schwerin Castle was amazing. For people who have followed us for a while it’s not a secret that we love to visit castles, palaces, fortresses and even ruins of them. So, when we found out about this beauty, there was no going back. Above all, we had to visit Schwerin Castle (Schloss Schwerin) in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Schwerin Castle on The lake Schwerin surrounded by gardens and statues of the castle
Schwerin Castle the Neuschwanstein of Northern Germany

Is Schwerin Castle the Neuschwanstein of the North?

If you have heard of the Neuschwanstein Castle than you know that this fairytale castle looks exactly like one of the castles taken out of the Disney World. Memory told us that we somewhere had read about Schwerin Castle and, that it’s reffered to as the “Neuschwanstein of the North”. Could that be true? Is it really possible to compete with the magnificent Neuschwanstein just outside Fussen in Bavaria? Walt Disney himself was inspired by Neuschwanstein, and to many this is the castle over all castles.

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If the above statement is correct we don’t know, but for us; yes. We also know is that Schwerin Catles is amazing. From outside it is one of the most beautiful castles we have ever seen. Furhermore, also the interior has its glory making it well worth the visit. We can only recommend you to visit Schloss Schwerin to make up your own opinion!

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Schwerin Castle – the castle of the Grand Dukes

The view of the Schwerin Castle from the lake and bridge over the lake.
You can get to Schwerin Castle across the bridge of the lake Schwerin

Schwerin castle was for centuries the main seat of the dukes and the grand dukes of Mecklenburg and later Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It started as a slavic fort in the last half of the 900s. During the years it developed to a fortified castle and to a residential palace. Major parts of the castle seen today were built between the years 1845 – 1857.

Friedrich Franz IV was the last Grand Duke having recidence here. In 1918 he was forced to abdicate because of the revolution. Use of the palace after the revolution includes a museum and a college for kindergarten teachers. Today the palace serves as the recidence of the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as a museum.

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The exterior of Schwerin Castle was inpired by French Reniassance castles
Schwerin Castle has been changed many tims and the latest changes was inpired by French Renaissance castles

The perfect location for a castle

The castle is located on an island on the main lake of the city; Lake Schwerin. You can enter the island from the city, or from the other side of the lake. The first thing you will notice when seeing the castle is its impressive towers and spires. While entering over the bridge from the city side, we could feel the fascination for this castle grow, as we took in all the details in the outside decoration. Wherever you look you will find hidden gems, and of course the better you look the more you can see.

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The interior of the palace is beautiful and impressive, although not as glorious as one maybe hopes for. As self-declared castle-hunters, we have after a while visited a number of castles and palaces, and for us, the interior at this castle wasn’t our most impressive. We had maybe hoped for that special little extra you sometimes can find. But do not fear. Schwerin Castle is beautifully decorated, full of details and one can easily spend a few hours.

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A different view to Schwerin Castle

After so much castle history you might have worked up an appetite? Go to the other side of the lake, opposite the city. Here you will find some restaurants serving traditional German food. The main reason for going to the other side of the lake is to get a magificent view of the castle. It is not a long walk to the other side and the reward is the best views you could ask for.

Highligts of a visit to Schwerin Castle:

  • Walk around in the beautiful garden
  • View of the castle from the lake side
  • The grand Throne Room
  • The formal reception rooms of the castle
Schwerin Castle is located on an island in Lake Schwerin
Walk around the lake to get the best views of Schwerin castle

Schwerin city centre

Schwerin is not the biggest city, nor the most cosmopolitan place we have been. But that doesn’t matter. That’s not why you visit Schwerin. As much as we love big cities, and big city life, we also love the smaller cities and towns. It’s just a different atmosphere, a slower pace, more relaxed and more local.

Spend some few hours exploring Schwerin. You don’t have to do anything special in particular. It’s just nice to wander around in the streets to take a look at the beautiful half-timbered houses, the church and the lake.

Also, the Gallery of Old & New Masters (Galerie Alte & Neue Meister) at the State Museum Schwerin is a great art museum to visit. Among the collection you will find works from e.g. Rubens and Caspar David Friedrich.

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Plan your trip – how to visit Schwerin Castle

Schwerin is located approximate 180 kilometers from Berlin, and is the capital of the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). It’s easy to get to Schwerin Castle from Berlin, with a travel time about 2,5 hours with train, bus or car. The bus stops at the train station, and from there it’s just an easy walk to the city centre. There are trains to Schwerin from other German cities as well, e.g. Hamburg.

Before you go:

  • Schwerin Castle opening hours: 10.00-18.00 (summer 15.04-14.10) and 10.00-17.00 (winter 15.10-14.04)
  • Closed Mondays
  • Entrance is €8,50, audioguide is €2
  • Tours can be booked at the castle museum. Book in advance for tour in English
  • Walking distance from the bus -and train station to the city centre and Schwerin Castle
  • Check Flixbus for bus times and Deutsche Bahn for train times and tickets.
Please note that due to Covid-19 the castle can be closed or opening hours may vary 

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Schwerin castle is simply a materpiece in the North of Grmany
Schwerin castle is surrounded by a lush garden and statues

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